01. Suja Lowenthal

02. The Clean Fairies

03. ActionPoint

04. Brushstrokes and Bevs

05. HMBD

06. Roger M. Samawi, D.O.

  1. 01. Suja Lowenthal

    With her momentus decision to run for Mayor of Long Beach, CA she first needed a fresh new look. We worked with her previous branding and colors and gave her something that was recognizeable yet bold and new.
    Client Suja Lowenthal. | Year 2013

  2. 02. The Clean Fairies

    Anyone who appreciates a consistent, quality clean every time should give The Clean Fairies a try. They desperately needed a new identity and we delivered. We modernized their logo for a professional yet fun new look.
    Client The Clean Fairies. | Year 2013

  3. 03. ActionPoint

    In today’s economy, the pressure to improve business performance is relentless. That's where ActionPoint comes in. We've designed a solid identity for this professional consulting firm.
    Client ActionPoint. | Year 2013

  4. 04. Brushstrokes and Bevs

    Brushstrokes and Beverages is a mobile business that brings a fun, social art class to some of your favorite venues! They make painting easy and exciting. We had fun designing this colorful identity.
    Client Brushstrokes and Beverages. | Year 2012

  5. 05. HMBD

    HMBD has built an impressive reputation over the last nine decades. With multiple different logos, different departments, and a large staff, we gave HMBD a new consistent clean look.
    Client HMBD. | Year 2012

  6. 06. Roger M. Samawi, D.O.

    A great doctor deserves a great identity. We gave Roger M. Samawi, D.O. a powerful website to compliment his new identity as well. Complete with downloadable forms, testimonials, and a blog.
    Client Roger M. Samawi, D.O. | Year 2012

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