01. ActionPoint

02. Brushstrokes and Beverages

03. Wirt Design Group

04. Roger M. Samawi, D.O.

05. The Clean Fairies

  1. 01. ActionPoint

    In today’s economy, the pressure to improve business performance is relentless. That's where ActionPoint comes in. We've designed a powerful and bold website for this professional consulting firm.
    Client ActionPoint. | actionpointna.com

  2. 02. Brushstrokes and Bevs

    Brushstrokes and Beverages is a mobile business that brings a fun, social art class to some of your favorite venues! They make painting easy and exciting. We had fun designing this website complete with a reservation system, countdown clock, and calendar.
    Client Brushstrokes and Bevs. | brushstrokesandbevs.com

  3. 03. Wirt Design Group

    Wirt Design Group has grown into one of Los Angeles's leading design studios with a considerable portfolio of projects. Their previous website was in Flash and was not veiwable on mobile devices so we gave them a fresh new look in HTML and Javascript.
    Client Wirt Design Group. | wirtdesign.com

  4. 04. Roger M. Samawi, D.O.

    A great doctor deserves a great website. We gave Roger M. Samawi, D.O. a powerful website to compliment his new identity. Complete with downloadable forms, testimonials, and a blog for Dr. Samawi to share health tips with his patients.
    Client Roger M. Samawi, D.O. | drsamawi.com

  5. 05. The Clean Fairies

    Anyone who appreciates a consistent, quality clean every time should give The Clean Fairies a try. Previously using a service that provides a free basic website, they desperately needed their own full ad-free website to match their new identity.
    Client The Clean Fairies. | thecleanfairies.com

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